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Remote control and remote assistance are a our standard. We do not leave out any detail during commissioning.

Our working method.

Remote control and remote assistance are a our standard, but we don’t leave any detail during testing in our factory before testing in machine manufactor. However, our customers appreciate and take advantage of the possibility of connecting to all the programmable logics of a machine for:

  • Make changes and customizations
  • Perform training through the remote desktop
  • Monitor and assist the customer in the post-misioning period

The remote assistance package we use is characterized by:

  • Ease of use: the presence of an IT Manager is not required to configure the connection
  • Response speed: the sensation of total control of the machine is transmitted even without being physically at the machine
  • Ability to create a structure of authenticated users with customized services such as remote desktop, VPN, file transfer.

Now the Augmented Reality service is offered, to monitor from a PC and manage assistance on older machines or machines without connections, with a simple APP that the user installs on his phone or tablet.


  1. Our connected applications around the world
  2. Augmented reality, assistance on an electromechanical panel
  3. Augmented reality, assistance on driver parametrization
  4. Remote assistance, VPN


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